Untitled-2About S&T:

Strategy & Tactics Press is one of the world’s leading military history publishing companies. We focus on magazines about military history and our passion for in-depth understanding of the how and why of battles and campaigns. We are especially enthusiastic about developing simulation games on military conflicts to further our understanding.

We publish three magazines in both a newsstand magazine edition as well as a premium edition that comes with a game on the same topic as one of the feature articles in the issue. Through a sister company (Decision Games), we also publish board games in a range of formats. We also publish books that go into greater depth on specific topics with our trademark copious maps (over 200 maps in one book!).




Strategy & Tactics historyStrategy & Tactics magazine was founded by Christopher Wagner in the late 1960’s to focus on the new hobby of wargaming. Jim Dunnigan acquired the magazine and developed it into the military history magazine with a game format that brought so many of us into the hobby. Dunnigan and those he recruited to SPI also paved the way in turning military history research into hundreds of games. Although SPI went out of business, S&T magazine and its unique format managed to survive the 1980’s before coming to its long-time home with Decision Games in 1991. S&T has been published by Decision Games since issue #140.

Company History: Our founder, Christopher “Doc” Cummins, was a gamer and military history buff throughout high school, college and graduate school. He was a regular attendee at game conventions and helped facilitate the STRATEGICON game club of nearly 300 gamers in Orange County in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Doc also served as Vice President of Diverse Talents, Inc. (an early venture by Alan Emrich who now heads Victory Point Games). After finishing a Ph.D. he departed the gaming scene temporarily and served in the US Army as a division psychologist. Doc continued his involvement in the hobby as an associate editor of Wargamer magazine and started his own company when he purchased Fire & Movement and MOVES magazines in 1988.

In 1991, Strategy & Tactics magazine was acquired. In 1994, most of the SPI boxed game titles and trademarks were purchased and the company became Decision Games. In 1996, Strategy & Tactics split into two editions with a magazine only edition distributed to newsstands. In 2003, Strategy & Tactics Press was formed as a sister company for magazine and media development. In 2008, World at War magazine was launched to bring the Strategy & Tactics format to focus on the hobby’s most popular era, World War II. In 2012, Modern War magazine began with its focus on recent and future conflicts in a new highly illustrated, perfect-bound format.