Proofing the Games

We are seeking detail oriented individuals to review game rules in final format on short deadlines. Proofers generally provided with a complimentary copy of finished product or subscription and listed in the credits.

Rules: Rules proofing involves proof reading the final draft of the rules for grammar, spelling, and punctuation with all graphics and charts placed appropriately. Detailed attention is required to note any discrepancies in the rules sequence and note any inconsistencies between the map and counters to the rules.  A hard copy proof of the material is sent out with about 14 days to read, mark and return to the Senior Game Developer with prepaid shipping that is provided. All proofs are handled via hard copy and limit proofers to being in the continental US to be on the team.

Play Testers

Magazine games: We are routinely looking for play testers to be in the regular pool for magazine games. With three magazines we have many eras and different types of games that will suit most gamers. Most games are two player and require face to face play with regular reports sent to the Senior Game developer.

Board game play testing: We are seeking gamers to test games to check component accuracy as well as rules clarity and completeness. Projects are assigned regularly and include a wide variety of topics. Preference is given to groups or two or more for magazine and smaller games (even when the game is designed for solo play). Larger games require a minimum of two players and four or more are preferred. Play testers are generally provided with a complimentary copy of the finished product and listed in the credits.

Computer game play testing: Individuals are sought to test computer games for bugs as well as accuracy of play and insuring the computer opponent is an appropriate challenge. Play testers are generally provided with a complimentary copy of the finished product and listed in the credits.

VASSAL modules: Individual are sought to create modules for all DG, magazine and SPI games. Modules may be submitted to the VASSAL project manager for review and assignments can be sought as well. Creators will generally be compensated with game credit equal to the board games retail price.

Contractor Opportunities

Artwork: Individuals with experience rendering 2D and 3D images with graphics software are sought to create military figures, vehicles and implements as well as sci-fi themes. Also seeking individuals with experience creating game component artwork especially counters and cards. Compensation negotiated on a per project basis.

Game Designs: Designs sought on an ongoing basis for magazine and other formats (download design guidelines file for additional information). Compensation $800-1200 for magazine format games depending on experience and turn in kit quality (compensation varies for other formats).

Coding: Individual able to code in Real Basic sought for ongoing board to computer conversion projects. Will also consider experienced individuals in other languages for special projects.

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