Strategy & Tactics magazine is the longest running military history magazine (since 1967). Readers get much more than narrative stories of history, they get an analytical approach focusing on the “how” and “why” of battles and campaigns. All feature articles are lavishly illustrated with maps and pictures showing the action, along with sidebars on personalities, equipment and organization, and unique and unusual events.

Each issue is packed full of:


Maps, Charts & Tables  |  Historical Analysis  |  Wire Diagrams  |  FYI Column  |  Work in Progress  |  On Design  |  Media Reviews


World at War magazine brings the S&T style to a focus on World War II. This unique approach goes in-depth on World War II, digging deeper into battles and campaigns, and seeking out the unusual and little known events of this vast, worldwide conflict. All feature articles are copiously illustrated with maps and photographs, with shorter articles focused on the interesting and often surprising details and events.

Each issue is packed full of:


Maps, Charts & Tables  |  Historical Analysis  |  Design Theory  |  Media Reviews



“There’s a gap in military history magazines”, said Dr. Cummins, “There is no publication covering just the last 40 years. Military history did not end after the Vietnam War. No magazine focuses only on recent and current conflicts. No magazine shows you what might happen tomorrow – until now. Modern War: Military History in the Making will fill that gap.”

Modern War, magazine explores the Cold War era, recent conflicts spanning from 1990 to present, as well as potential new conflicts. Articles go in-depth to analyze the “how” and “why” of conflicts supported with copious maps, charts and photographs. Regular columns cover current conflicts around the world as well as examining new weapons, systems and new arenas.


Each issue is packed full of:


Maps |  Operational Analysis  |  Wire Diagrams  |  Design Corner  |  Short Rounds  |  Spotlight On  |  Media Reviews


While Decision Games is technically the parent corporation, we regard Strategy & Tactics Press (STP) and DG as sister organizations (or “two sides of the same company” as Doc says). STP is the magazine side while DG is the game side.  The two sides cross with the premium game edition of the magazines. The DG team is constantly working on new game designs not only for STP magazines, but also for several other game lines including the DG minis, folios, and boxed games.  DG minis and folios are designed to be easy to learn and quick to play – most of these games have standard rules in common with other minis and folios, so playing other games in the series takes even less time to learn.  DG boxed games range from average size and medium complexity to large (4+ maps) and highly detailed studies of campaigns and wars. DG is also working on conversions of these board games to several electronic formats  from PC to Internet, tablet, and phone.

Mini Games   |  Folio Games  |  Ziplock Games  |  Small Box Games  |  Large Box Games