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These individuals work as a part-time contractor and meet with the Senior/Managing Game Developer and Publisher at least once per year. Each individual has responsibility for the overall quality of assigned games of a particular type (magazine, mini/folio, or boxed history strategy games, science-fiction themed, or Euro-style), assigned game audience development, direction of assigned Play Testers, and development of assigned game projects. He/she coordinates development efforts through Play Tester reports, progress reports to and discussion with the Managing Game Developer, and the proofing of component/art files. This individual coordinates schedules with and reports to the Managing Game Developer.


  • Oversees and coordinates the game publication process including communicating with designers, developers and the Art Director/members of the Art team.
  • Inspecting proofs for accuracy and reviewing of outside proofer reports.
  • Ensures audience development from previews and discussion of assigned games during development through responding to game play questions and providing gamer support after publication.


High School diploma or college degree with good to excellent written communication skills. Five years of history strategy game experience including at least twenty-five games of the type (magazine, mini/folio, boxed), or five years of strategy game experience including at least fifty euro-style games or twenty-five SF themed games.


  • Knowledge of various games and game design
  • People and organizational skills
  • Command of grammar, spelling, and relevant history
  • Working knowledge of game publishing
  • Working knowledge of Web-based research tools
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Suite software
  • Working knowledge of social media and audience development tools


Compensation is generally, $1,000 per magazine game, $400 per folio and $200 per mini-game. Boxed, SF, and euro-style games compensated based on MSRP (generally $1,000-$3,000). Compensation is paid 25% at artwork completion, 50% at publication, and 25% six months after publication. Developers are also eligible for bonuses based on providing additional written support materials for the games they have worked on.

Please send resumes to Doc Cummins directly for current openings HERE