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The topics for the first twelve issues are:

Issue Release Date Topic
1 Spring 2018 Caesar
2 Summer 2018 America in WWI
3 Fall 2018 Battle of Stalingrad
4 Winter 2018 World War III What-ifs
5 Spring 2019 French Foreign Legion
6 Summer 2019 D-Day 75th anniversary
7 Fall 2019   The Crusades
8 Winter 2019 Tet Offensive
9 Spring 2020 American Revolution
10 Summer 2020 Whirlwind: Kursk to Berlin
11 Fall 2020   Thirty Years War
12 Winter 2020 Anaconda Plan: Naval Operations in ACW

Looking beyond these first twelve issues, based on survey feedback we have tentatively outlined a topic rotation over a 12-issue period to include four major eras: Pre-Gunpowder (ancients, medieval), Gunpowder (Americana prior to the Civil War, Civil War to Spanish-American War, non-American conflicts 1600-1800, non-American conflicts 1800-1900), World Wars (World War I, WWII West/Med, WWII East Front, WWII Pacific), and Modern (Cold War: 1946-1989, Modern and potential conflicts).

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10. How can we improve the map poster?

Although the original format for S&T Quarterly included the map poster, the back side was blank. When early feedback indicated readers were not going to hang the posters up, we decided to see what infographics we could create on the back to further support the topic. We’d like to get your input on both the map posters and infographics for the next two issues we are currently creating (#6 D-Day is already complete and in the final stages of layout and pre-press).

11. What would you like to see in the map poster for #7 The Crusades?

12. What would you like to see on the infographic side for #7 The Crusades?

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16. Name the one topic not listed in the first twelve issues or in the topics below that you would like to see in a future issue.

Topic Section

Please help us select the future topics for Strategy & Tactics Quarterly by ranking the following sets of topics using the ranks 1 to 5 (1 being your first choice down to 5 being your fifth or lowest choice in each set).

Pre-Gunpowder: Ancient (issue #13)

A1. World War Zero: The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC

A2. Alexander: First Great Conqueror

A3. Roman Republic: Rise & Decline

A4. Roman Empire: Decline & Fall

A5. Punic Wars

World Wars: World War I (issue #14)

B1. Myths and Realities of WWI

B2. Jutland: The Greatest Battleship Battle

B3. War in the East

B4. Gallipoli

B5. Prelude to World War I: 1870-1913

Gunpowder: 1800-1900 (issue #15)

C1. Rise of the British Empire

C2. Modern Warfare: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology

C3. Franco-Prussian War

C4. Boer Wars

C5. Dreadnoughts: Steam and Steel

Modern: 1990-present/Potential conflicts (issue #16)

D1. Gulf War

D2. Afghanistan

D3. The Next War: China

D4. The Next War: Middle East

D5. The Next War: Eastern Europe

World Wars: World War II Pacific (issue #17)

E1. Sino-Japanese War: 1937-1945

E2. The Midway Campaign

E3. The Solomons Campaign

E4. Okinawa

E5. Olympic: The Final Battle

Gunpowder: Pre-Civil War (issue #18)

F1. French and Indian War

F2. Jefferson’s War: Shores of Tripoli

F3. War of 1812: From the Great Lakes to New Orleans

F4. Conflict and Compromise: Prelude to the Civil War

F5. US Marines: American Revolution to Spanish-American War

Pre-Gunpowder: Medieval (issue #19)

G1. Charlemagne

G2. Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Explorers

G3. Byzantine Empire

G4. Medieval Warfare: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology

G5. Hundred Years War

World Wars: World War II West/Mediterranean (issue #20)

H1. Sealion: Myths & Realities

H2. Rommel’s War in the Desert

H3. Italian Campaign

H4. Market-Garden

H5. The First Year of WWII (Sep. 1939 to Sep. 1940)

Gunpowder: 1600-1800 (issue #21)

I1. When Lions Sailed: Naval Warfare in the 1700’s

I2. Catherine the Great: Russia Emerges

I3. Ottoman Empire

I4. English Civil War

I5. Seven Years World War

Modern: Cold War (1946-1989) (issue #22)

J1. Forgotten War: Korea

J2. Cuban Missile Crisis: Brink of Armageddon

J3. October War: Israel’s Greatest Victory & Defeat

J4. Falklands: The Empire Strikes Back

J5. Vietnam War: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology

World Wars: World War II (issue #23)

K1. Blunders of WWII

K2. Finland’s Dilemma: 1939-1945

K3. Australians in WWII: North Africa to New Guinea

K4. Strategic Bombing: Wasted Effort or Key to Victory?

K5. Battle of the Atlantic

Gunpowder: Civil War to Spanish-American War (issue #24)

L1. Antietam: Lost Opportunity

L2. Chickamauga

L3. 1863: Turning Point

L4. Plains Indian Wars

L5. Spanish-American War

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