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Welcome to the launch of a new magazine with a new format. This magazine is a stepping stone for military history magazine readers who are interested in going beyond stories to examine and understand the how and why of military history. We evaluate the strategies, forces and leaders. We analyze the actual operations and maneuvers as well as alternative plans and possibilities. A Lessons Learned section summarizes how the topic and outcome influenced later events and why certain principles and techniques are still important today. Each in-depth issue focuses on one topic by one author and includes over 20 detailed maps plus one large map poster. We also included an annotated bibliography for further reading as well as an overview of other media and games on the topic.

Issues are published quarterly and a digital edition is available. Strategy & Tactics Quarterly subscribers and readers will receive special discounts towards related games. The Lessons Learned summarizes the analysis of the topic and translates it into strategies and actions plans useful in wargame play and design. Once the new magazine is established (which will take about two years based on our previous experiences) we will start introducing mini-games in place of the map poster in some issues and start walking the newcomers through the basics of wargaming as a part of the magazine. Topics will range across all eras, look at individual commanders as well as famous units, weapons and tools of war, battles and campaigns, etc. The tentative topics for the first eight issues are:

Issue Release Date Topic
1 Spring 2018 Caesar

Summer 2018

America in WWI
3 Fall 2018 Battle of Stalingrad
4 Winter 2019 World War III What-ifs
5 Spring 2019 French Foreign Legion

Summer 2019

D-Day 75th anniversary
7 Fall 2019 General George Washington
8 Winter 2020 Op Whirlwind (WWII East Front, 1944-1945)

Looking beyond this first eight issues, we have tentatively outlined a topic rotation each year to include four major eras: Pre-Gunpowder (ancients, medieval, early renaissance), Gunpowder (Thirty Years War to the 1890’s), World Wars (first half of the 1900’s), and Modern (Cold War through present). So, the first question is about that division.

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Possible Magazine Topics

Please look at the possible topics that have been submitted and rate on a scale of 0 (absolutely no interest) to 10 (publish this one as soon as possible!).


A1. Augustus: Rise of Empire

A2. Alexander: First Great Conqueror

A3. Highlanders: Shock Troops of the British Isles

A4. Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Explorers

A5. Mongols: Rise of Eurasian Empire

A6. Templars: Knights of the Crusades

A7. Horse Warriors: Riders of Ruin

A8. Greco-Persian Wars (499-479 BC)Tamerlane the Great: Conqueror of Medieval Persia

A9. Anglo-Saxon Invasion of the British Isles

A10. Charlemagne

A11. Normans

A12. The Crusades

A13. Hundred Years’ War

A14. Chariots: Ancient Tanks

A15. Ancient Artillery: Catapults, Trebuchets and other War Machines

A16. Ancient Warships: Triremes, Galleys, and Naval Power

A17. Archers: Rain of Arrows

A18. Arbela: Alexander's Greatest Battle

A19. Pharsalus: Caesar versus Pompey

A20. Alesia: Siege and Counter Siege

A21. Battles of the Bible

A22. World War Zero: The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC

A23. Roman Republic: Rise & Decline

A24. Roman Empire: Decline & Fall


B1. George Washington: Soldier Citizen

B2. Shores of Tripoli: The Marine’s First 100 Years

B3. Ulysses S. Grant

B4. Robert E. Lee

B5. French Foreign Legion: Colonial Enforcers to Special Force

B6. Pirates: Privateers and Plunderers

B7. Cavalry: American Revolution to Spanish-American War

B8. Gatling Guns and the development of automatic weapons

B9. Monitors & Ironclads: High Tech Naval Combat, American Civil War

B10. Dreadnaughts: Steam and Steel

B11. Thirty Years’ War: Renaissance and Reformation

B12. Rise of the British Empire (wars/campaigns pre-20th century)

B13. Texas Revolution: Remember the Alamo

B14. Saratoga: Turning Point of the American Revolution

B15. Anaconda: Civil War on the Rivers and Oceans

B16. Road to Richmond: The Seven Days Campaign

B17. Antietam: Lost Opportunity

B18. Shiloh: Defeat into Victory

B19. Vicksburg Campaign: Siege, Battle and Johnston's Lost Opportunity

B20. Atlanta Campaign: D-Day of the American Civil War

B21. Wilderness and the Road to Appomattox

B22. French and Indian War: America’s First War

B23. American Revolution: Turning Point of the Enlightenment

B24. War of 1812: From the Great Lakes to New Orleans

B25. American Civil War: What-if it started in 1821 (or 1853, 1857, or 1865)

World Wars

C1. Eisenhower: American Warlord

C2. Rickenbacker and the American Aces of WWI

C3. Commandos and Special Forces of WWII

C4. All-American Soldiers: the 82nd Airborne Division

C5. US 75th Infantry: Unheralded Elite

C6. 1st Marines in World War II

C7. Australians in WWII: North Africa to New Guinea

C8. P-51: The Fighter That Won the Air War

C9. B-17: Flying Fortress

C10. Sherman Tanks: Spearheads of Victory

C11. USS Enterprise: The Great Lady

C12. USS Missouri: Battleship of Many Wars

C13. Strategic Bombing: Wasted Effort or Key to Victory?

C14. Iron Horse: Trains of War

C15. US Subs in WWII: Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay

C16. U-boats: Death from Below

C17. Manhattan Project: The First Atomic Bomb

C18. The Rise of Airpower

C19. Jutland: The Greatest Battleship Battle

C20. Dunkirk: Victory & Defeat

C21. Guadalcanal: End of the Beginning

C22. Saipan: Fight for the Central Pacific

C23. Market Garden and Dagger Thrust: Home Before Christmas

C24. Midway Campaign: Turning Point of WWII?

C25. Gallipoli: Defeat into Honor

C26. Hannut and Gembloux: Forgotten Victories

C27. Okinawa: Pacific D-Day

C28. Sealion: Myths & Realities

C29. Olympic: The Final Battle

C30. Finland’s Dilemma: 1939-1945

C31. Norway in WWII: Campaigns in the Far North

C32. After Guadalcanal: New Georgia to Rabaul

C33. Myths and Realities of WWI

C34. Blunders of WWII

C35. An Army at Dawn: Casablanca to Tunis


D1. Strategic Air Command: From Bluff to Super Service

D2. Rangers: Rogers Island to Afghanistan

D3. B-52: America's Bomber

D4. Drones: Killer Robots of the Air

D5. Cuban Missile Crisis: Brink of Armageddon

D6. Six Day War: Israeli Blitzkrieg

D7. October War: Israel’s Greatest Victory & Defeat

D8. Operation Anaconda: The First Year in Afghanistan

D9. Falklands: The Empire Strikes Back

D10. Berlin Airlift: First Battle of the Cold War

D11. Korea: Past and Future War

D12. Tet Offensive: Myths & Realities

D13. Gulf War: AirLand Battle to Global War on Terror

D14. The Next War: China

D15. The Next War: Middle East

D16. CIA at War

Thank you for participating!

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