2018 March Magness

In this year’s March Magness, your votes are going to choose the next Quick Play mini-games to enter the Decision Games release schedule. Along the way, you’ll determine the best mini-games in the following categories: American Revolution and Americana, Napoleonic and 19th century, Pike & Shot, and American Civil War.

Each round we will pit these games in head-to-head competition. In each head-to-head contest, pick your choice for best game. Each round, the winners will advance to another round of head-to-head competition. In the final two rounds, you will determine the games we will publish.


Round 4 Results  |  Round 5 Bracket


The Round 5 ends in 1 day 22 hours 58 minutes 36 seconds.

Directions for March Magness:

There are now 4 games left in the running to be added to the DG release schedule. In this round, please choose between the two options presented in each pairing. Games with the most votes advance to the next round. Please, only one set of votes per person per round.

Alpha vs Bravo:

Charlie vs Delta:

Choose: Battle of the MonongahelaBalaclava

Battle of the Monongahela (8 July 1755). Braddock's British expedition is nearing French Fort Duquesne in western Pennsylvania, stirring up a hornet's nest. The ensuing struggle pits British Regulars and their colonial colleagues, including the young George Washington, against the irregular tactics of the French and their Indian allies.


Balaclava (25 Oct 1854). A Russian attempt to lift siege of Sevastopol runs into a thin red line near the vital Allied port of Balaclava.

Choose: KirchholmPickett's Mill

Kirchholm (27 Sep 1605). A Swedish army besieging Riga is enticed into attacking a Polish relief army built around regiments of the famed Winged Hussars.


Pickett's Mill (27 May 1864). William Sherman's offensive to Atlanta has broken down in the face of extensive Rebel entrenchments around Dallas, Georgia. To recover momentum, he proposes to swing a strong corps around the Confederate flank, but Pat Cleburne's division is on the march to stop him.

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