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Strategy & Tactics Press reaches the most responsive and exclusive group of military history consumers anywhere. Our 3 military history publications, Strategy & Tactics, World at War, & Modern War reach an audience of over 160,000 military history afficianados worldwide! If you want to increase sales by reaching our affluent military history consumers, we have a variety of ways to help you achieve and exceed your marketing objectives.

Every issue of Strategy & Tactics, World at War, and Modern War includes 3-4 feature articles plus several shorter articles. Regular topics and columns include New Arenas (Modern War), For Your Information (Strategy & Tactics), Observation Post (World at War), and Weapons of War (Modern War) with fascinating details and unusual events, Media Reviews on books, films and other military history media. On Design with Joseph Miranda, our veteran game designer, explains how we also create simulations of battles and campaigns. We also run periodic reader surveys in which we gather feedback on the topics readers would like to see in the future — we use the feedback results in shaping future content and ensuring reader loyalty.

Our hallmark is that with each and every issue, we produce a board game based on the topic of the lead article which allows premium game edition readers to go beyond just reading about history to see if they can duplicate or better the historical results. These simulation games also provide the opportunity for deeper analysis of battles and campaigns and exploration of the factors that influenced the outcomes.




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Turning the Pages of History

Going beyond the usual narratives, the articles focus on the “how” and “why” of conflicts and are illustrated liberally with maps, charts, tables and pictures.

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EDITORS and publisher

Our editorial team is comprised of military veterans and history experts with over a century of military history research experience. We pride ourselves on the in-depth analysis that goes into every article and product we create.

CHRISTOPHER “Doc” CUMMINS is the publisher and CEO for Strategy & Tactics Press. He served nine years in the US Army as a division psychologist and combat stress specialist. He has over 30 years experience in magazine and game publishing, leading the publication of over 200 games and 300 magazine issues.

KYLE LOCKWOOD is the managing editor of Modern War, Strategy & Tactics and World at War magazines. Kyle leads the S&T Press team and coordinates the day-to-day in-house coordination of magazine editing and design, supporting efforts to advance the magazines to the next step (digital editions), and bringing his technical skills to audience development through enhancements to our online presence including a blog, Facebook, and forthcoming videos. Kyle is a combat veteran (Stryker Brigade in Iraq) and holds a Master’s degree in Military History. He is also a published author.

JOSEPH MIRANDA is the associate editor of Modern War, Strategy & Tactics and World at War magazines. He is the designer of over 200 published wargames and has provided consultation services for DARPA, the Air Force and the Center for Army Analysis. Joseph is a former Army officer and has taught at the JFK Special Warfare Center.

CHRISTOPHER PERELLO is the associate editor of Modern War, Strategy & Tactics and World at War magazines, and the primary developer for the folio and mini game lines for Decision Games. Author of dozens of articles and the first book in the S&T Press line, The Quest for Annihilation, he has also designed more than 30 wargames most recently Wellington’s Victory: the battle of Waterloo, focused on the tactical and grand tactical levels. Chris served six years as an Army officer in armor and mechanized infantry units.